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Markham Metals has been operating and serving customers in the Greater Toronto Area since 2003. Leaving his career as an electrical engineer, David Yang started Markham Metals as a one-man operation collecting scrap with his own truck.Markham Metals take pride in our customer-oriented services, competitive pricing and prompt payment within the industry. These key aspects of our business have led to consistent growth and stability through long lasting relationships with many of our customers. Markham Metals is committed to maintain the highest degree of integrity and environmental awareness while providing a safe work environment for our employees and customers.

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The costs involved in operating a club with so many members is extremely high. Facilities, equipment, uniforms, travel, and tournament fees are the bulk of our expenses and the costs increase every year. Toronto Phoenix is a 100% volunteer based club, and 100% of all money raised goes back into the club and its programs.

To help offset the expenses, every member is required to participate in our club fundraising efforts which have included the sale of raffle tickets, cookie dough, and water bottles. In addition, corporate donations from generous sponsors assist the organization greatly.

Please contact sponsor@torontophoenix.com for more sponsorship information.