Our Mission

Toronto Phoenix Sports Club is a not-for-profit organization focused on low cost athletic opportunities for the youth of our community. By building champions on and off the court, we are improving the health and wellness of all the participants and teaching life skills that only organized team sports can.

Ultimately, the organizational goal is to provide our program at zero cost to the players.

Who are we?

Toronto Phoenix Sports Club is a co-ed volleyball organization intent on building champions. As nice as on the court success is, our primary goal is to develop our members into champions off the court and into their adult life.

We are a non-profit organization that began in 1995 as a team of friends who had the vision of making a volleyball club that was accessible to players of all ages and backgrounds. From that one team, the club had grown to 7 teams and over 100 members from all over the GTA. We’ve had players as young as age 13 and the majority of participants are high school and university students.

Building future champions is not easy. With the generous assistance of our volunteer coaches, we are able to make a difference in many of the players’ lives. Many of our members could not afford to play organized club volleyball, but we have given them the opportunity to participate at a very high level with minimal cost.

The teams participate in 4 tournaments throughout the summer, culminating at the North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament, the national championship, played in a different location in North America every year.


The North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament (NACIVT) is an annual volleyball tournament held on Labor Day weekend to bring together Chinese communities from around the United States and Canada.

The history of 9man volleyball in North American’s Chinatowns started back in 1935 when Providence traveled to Boston for a match against Boston’s team. It wasn’t until 1937 that the organization was officially considered a tournament. The tournament is held outdoors and played on pavement, with the courts typically set up in a large parking lot or even on the streets. It is very much a cultural phenomenon; two-thirds of the players on each team must be 100% Chinese, and the rest must be of Asian descent. The word eventually got around and teams started forming all along the east coast. Now about 1,500 players and coaches participate in the annual event while 3,000 to 4,000 daily spectators travel to a different host city. The tournament rotates between seven cities: Boston, Los Angeles, Montreal, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, and Washington D.C.

NACIVT Rules & Regulations
Find out more about the NACIVT at www.nacivt.com