2015 Phoenix Cup – Schedule


Download the Men’s schedule as a PDF.
Download the Women’s schedule as a PDF.


8:00am – Court setup should be completed by this time.
8:30am – Captains’ meeting
9:00am – Matches begin.
Once pool play is complete, we will have another captains’ meeting to determine playoff rankings. Playoff matches will start immediately after this.
The tournament is estimated to end around 6-7pm (end time is not guaranteed). We will try and play as many matches as possible until it gets dark.


Pool A Pool B Pool C
A1 Phoenix A B1 Tigers A C1 Zhen Qi Black
A2 Tigers X B2 Warriors Black C2 Montreal Phoenix
A3 Zhen Qi Red B3 Phoenix B C3 Warriors Red
A4 Zhen Qi Green B4 Zhen Qi Blue


Pool A Pool B Pool C
A1 Tigers Black B1 Genesis C1 Tigers Red
A2 United STRONG B2 United MIGHT C2 Phoenix Alumni
A3 Thunder Bolt B3 Phoenix A C3 KINEX
A4 Phoenix B B4 Digs R Us C4 Thunder Strike