2016 Phoenix Cup – Schedule


Download the Men’s schedule as a PDF.
Download the Women’s schedule as a PDF.


8:30am – Captains’ meeting – All courts should be set up prior to this time.
9:00am – Matches begin. We will try to get matches started as early as possible after the captains’ meeting so the actual start time may be earlier than 9:00 AM.
Once pool play is complete, we will have another captains’ meeting to determine playoff rankings. Playoff matches will start immediately after this.


Pool A Pool B Pool C
A1 6ix Pack B1 Phoenix A C1 Ngun Lam
A2 Zhen Qi Red B2 Tigers C2 Tigers X
A3 Warriors B3 Connex C3 Phoenix B
B4 Zhen Qi Green C4 Zhen Qi Blue


Pool A Pool B Pool C
A1 Storm B1 Connex C1 Tigers
A2 Warriors B2 Thunder Bolt C2 KiNEX
A3 United Purple B3 Phoenix Inferno C3 Thunder Strike
C4 Phoenix Firestorm