Back from the 67th NACIVT in Montreal

Congratulations to the Men’s SF West Coast and Women’s Toronto Connex A for winning the 67th NACIVT championship! Next year’s NACIVT is in Toronto, Canada.

Thanks to all the Montreal teams, players, volunteers, event coordinators, and everyone else for making the NACIVT a successful tournament!

Day 1
Men’s Toronto Phoenix A was put into a 4 team pool with: Toronto Ngun Lam Juniors, Boston Knights A, and Boston Hurricanes Mad Canes. Finished 2nd in the pool with a record of 6-3.

Day 2
Men’s Toronto Phoenix A repooled with: Toronto Outtahand Connex Alumni, LA Mad Dogs, SF Rage, and Montreal Hung Ying Red. Finished 2nd in the pool with a record of 5-3. Ranked 11th out of 53 going into day 3.

Day 3
Men’s Toronto Phoenix A (11th) faced off against Washington CYC A (6th) in a Round of 16 match. CYC A pulled out a close win over Toronto Phoenix A (21-18, 22-20).

Final Results
Men’s Toronto Friends United (TOFU)
 – Gold Flight – Top 16
Men’s Toronto Phoenix A – Gold Flight – Top 16
Men’s Toronto Phoenix B – Silver Flight
Women’s Toronto Phoenix A – Gold Flight – Top 16
Women’s Toronto Phoenix Alumni – Silver Flight
Men’s Final Brackets
Women’s Final Brackets

Phoenix goes to Montreal! by Jason Yong
67th NACIVT 2011 – DAY 1 by Louis-Michel Malouin
NACIVT – Saturday by Harris Nguyen
NACIVT – Sunday by Harris Nguyen
67th NACIVT – Montreal 2011 by Kwie Shum Chan
67th NACIVT – Montreal 2011 by m_fan
2011-09 Volleyball by J41G

CTV Montreal
NACIVT Tournament Day 2- Montreal (Mens) by lingwang86

This post will be updated as more photos/videos from the tournament are added to Flickr, Youtube, Facebook, etc. 

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